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Do you or a family member need nursing home care?

Are you concerned that you may lose your home and your life savings?

Commonwealth Advisory group is asset protection specialists and helps protect your assets from nursing home medicaid spend down .

Elder Law Attorney Philip C. Amaru and Executive Director Laureen Vaughn founded Commonwealth Advisory Group in 1992 to assist elders and their families looking to preserve their assets when faced with nursing home care.

Since then, Commonwealth Advisory Group has helped more than 1,500 clients preserve their assets both prior to admission to a nursing home, and also when a loved one has already been admitted to a nursing home.

We specialize in MA nursing home medicaid spend down planning helping elders to preserve their home, their life savings and other assets. We have appeared with Jordan Rich of WBZ News Radio 1030 in variety of seminars on the topic of Senior Asset Protection.

We are experts in Medicaid regulations and in helping people save their hard-earned assets when faced with a potential nursing home medicaid emergency.

Our mission is to help seniors and their families protect their assets.

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Phil Amaru and Laureen Vaughn were recommended to me by my nephew. They set up a plan for my sister-in-law who was in a nursing home. I think they're the finest people I've met in all my days.

- Donald

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