Elder Law

We have helped thousands of clients with nursing home asset protection and estate planning.

Philip C. Amaru, Elder Law Attorney

Elder law consists of estate planning, Mass Health and applications, and asset protection. Mass Health means government programs such as Medicaid, Social Security, and disability benefits. In this highly complex arena, Mr. Amaru’s role is to assist clients with the complicated application process for these programs, and to appeal the denial of benefits or the granting of benefits in an amount lower than the client is legally entitled.

Elder Law Attorney Philip C. Amaru is dedicated to helping clients protect themselves and their assets as they age. He specializes in:

  • Estate planning
  • Mass Health (Medicaid planning) and applications
  • Asset protection
Our mission is to help seniors and their families protect their assets.
Avoid complicated legal processes.

Massachusetts Estate Planning Attorney Philip C. Amaru can help you reach your goals by creating legal vehicles such as wills, trusts, and joint ownership of property documentation. Mr. Amaru works closely with clients to identify assets and potential tax consequences of each transfer so they can be assured their goals for family and charitable giving are met.


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