Estate Planning

Estate Planning Attorney, Philip Amaru has helped thousands of clients with trust and estate planning to protect their assets from the high cost of nursing home care.

Philip C. Amaru
Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning is preparing for the distribution of an individual’s property upon his or her death. Thre main goal of proper estate planning is  to avoid complicated legal processes (i.e., probate), minimize or eliminate unnecessary conflict between family members, and reduce the amount of taxes taken by the government. Thoughtful estate planning includes:

  • Preserving asset control.
  • Protecting assets against nursing home costs and Medicaid.
  • Establishing protection for a spouse in the event nursing home care is needed.
  • Avoiding probate court after death.
  • Eliminating/minimizing estate taxes.
Need Our Help?
Avoid complicated legal processes.

Massachusetts Estate Planning Attorney Philip C. Amaru can help further your goals by creating legal vehicles such as wills, trusts, and joint ownership of property documents. Mr. Amaru works directly with clients to identify assets and potential tax consequences of each transfer so all parties are assured their goals for family and charitable giving are met.


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