Concerned you may lose your life savings to nursing home care?
Let us help you with asset protection.

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    Commonwealth Advisory Group specializes in middle-class family asset protection.

    Elder Law Attorney Philip C. Amaru and Executive Director Laureen Vaughn founded Commonwealth Advisory Group in 1992 to assist elders and their families preserve their assets when faced with nursing home care. Our mission is to help seniors and their families protect their hard-earned assets.

    Do you or a family member need nursing home care?

    We specialize in asset preservation.

    We are not investment advisors or financial planners. Our overarching goal is to help you and your family protect what you have worked a lifetime to obtain — property, retirement savings, insurance policies, investments and more.

    What our clients are saying …


    “When we recently had to place my mother in a nursing home, Mr. Amaru’s experience and in-depth knowledge helped us to easily navigate several complicated elder care legal issues with minimal stress and confusion. In fact, the entire Commonwealth Advisory Group team supported us in many meaningful and important ways. I sincerely recommend Mr. Amaru and his team to anyone looking for legal assistance regarding MA elder law, estate planning, and MA Medicaid planning. Thanks!”
    — The Chilton Family

    “Wow! The Commonwealth Advisory Group is amazing. We had to place my mother in a nursing home a couple of years after my father passed away and we thought everything was going to be fine. However, we quickly learned that it was unbelievably expensive and that every assest my parents had worked so hard for was going to be gone in no time. A friend receommened Commonwealth Advisory Group and they came up with a plan that litteraly saved us … and our assets!”
    — The Wilson Family

    “We never dreamed that we would be using Medicaid to ensure my dad was cared for in his final years. However, when our time of need arrived, the team at Commonwealth Advisory Group was there to carefully walk us through the Medicaid application process step-by-step. They made it so easy and understandable. I am so grateful for their expertise and professionalism. I strongly recommend them to anyone who is caring for an elderly spouse or family member.”
    — Audrey Walker


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